It would not have been possible to create this website without the inimitable talents and patience of Frances d’Ath, web consultant, designer and manager based in Berlin. THANKYOU Frances! I first emailed Frances in July 2011.

Through the ensuing adventure of hauling slews of hardcopy materials into the digital realm, many friends have been generously on hand to offer skills, advice, enthusiasm, suggestions, even souvenirs of past collaborations. Without these the site would have been so much the poorer, and I would still be wondering about the how, the why and the relevance of countless site and cms-related details. (In alphabetical order) THANKYOU Barbara Campbell, Caroline Lee, Carolyn Connors, Cobie Orger, Daisy Noyes, Daniel Schlusser, David Young, Juliana Hodkinson, Keith Gallasch, Louise Curham, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, Maggie and Gordon Troup, Margaret Cameron, Peter Lambropoulos, Rosemary Walsh, Sandra Bridie, Susy Herlihy and Yatzek. And THANKYOU Sudaya for kindheartedly cultivating an interest in Mac computers so as to support the whole enterpise around the clock.