Welcome to cynthiatroup.com, where you’ll find an archive of writing—through lists of publications, and colourful pages that document over a decade of performance projects in theatre, music, video and more. Browsing the Publications pages, you can read book blurbs, essays and interviews. Scroll to see the array of Writing for Performance pages, one per project. These pages include excerpts from scripts and stories; photos; copies of programs and published reviews. There’s the video Variations on Ten Words to watch (more videos to follow soon), and on the Miss Shaw Dreams page you can leaf through the artist’s book Miss Shaw Dreams: A Story by Implication. In 2003 I made just five copies of this book (excluding the prototype), which involved very fiddly photocopying, and then collaging or handcolouring details. What a delight that the story can now reach an audience wider than I had ever imagined back then! Thanks to Peter Lambropoulos for capturing the texture so beautifully when creating the digital version. Actually, the feather ‘caught’ into the binding at page 17—evidence for Miss Shaw’s disappearance?—also caught the eye of photographer Daisy Noyes, and became a subtle design motif for this website.