Variations on Ten Words

Variations on Ten Words (thumbnail)


A ludic experiment:
three artists,
ten words, seven of these colours.

Working title: Seconds.

Ten months, winter to winter, minimum means.
One camera,
the optical spectrum, endless possibilities.

By autumn, two editors at a time,
two short films—
simultaneous poems?

Reviewing OULIPO: A Primer of Potential Literature,* Jean-Jacques Thomas observed that the practices of the Potential Literature Workshop correspond with ‘a theory, founded on order, method, and rules’ that ‘to write is first of all to know how to submit oneself to formal, logical constraints and to know how to ignore or dismiss unreliable inspiration’. Created with Sandra Bridie and Peter Lambropoulos, Variations on Ten Words might be described as a spacious, three-way investigation of this theory through the medium of a digital video project.

[*by Warren F. Motte, published in Lincoln by the University of Nebraska Press, 1986. Thomas’s essay can be found in South Atlantic Review, vol. 53, no. 2, 1988, pp. 185–188.]

Creative Team

  • Concept Sandra Bridie, Peter Lambropoulos, Cynthia Troup
  • Camera Peter Lambropoulos
  • Sound Peter Lambropoulos
  • Editing Sandra Bridie, Peter Lambropoulos, Cynthia Troup

Performance History

8 June: Melbourne, George Paton Gallery (Union House, The University of Melbourne), first screening